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Accademia Gallery Artworks

Located in Florence, Italy. Accademia Gallery is one of the most famous museums in Europe which attracts millions of art aficionados every year. The Gallery is not only limited to artworks but also chronicles the illustrious history of Italy through its diverse collection. 

Also known as the “Gallery of the Academy of Florence” this museum is best known for the statue of David. The acquisition of Accademia Gallery hosts a collection of paintings and sculptures by Michelangelo and other Florentine artists.

Along with the sculpture of David, there are several other fascinating masterpieces in Accademia Gallery which is worth to explore.  

Have a look at the top 5 artworks at Accademia Gallery in Florence

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Statue Of David by Michelangelo

A 5-meter tall statue of David is one of the most famous sculptures in the world which welcomes tourists from all over the world. It is a masterpiece of the Renaissance, made from blocks of white marble. The stone was originally brought for the purpose of making the structure of the cathedral. But in 1501, architecture Michelangelo carved the beautiful sculpture of David. It took three years for Michelangelo to complete the work of this glorious statue which everyone admires today. 

For 350 years the statue was placed at the Piazza Della Signoria. In 1873 Michelangelo placed this at the Accademia Gallery to prevent any damage. As the name suggests, the statue of David depicts the story of biblical hero David before facing Goliath ( a giant). Anatomical perfectionist Michelangelo perfectly revealed the tension and emotion of David which makes the marble feels alive.

Prisoners by Michelangelo

There is a sculpture of four nude men at the hall of prisoners in Accademia Gallery.  The statues are the artwork of Michelangelo is incomplete. Michelangelo intensely left the statues incomplete in order to represent the freedom from any bonds and matter. The four nude males are referred to as prisoners or slaves. Michelangelo wants to show the people that there is freedom to explore the artwork of their meaning. It was moved to Accademia Galleria from Boboli gardens in 1909. Visit the secrets of the hall of prisoners through the guided tour.

The Rape of Sabine Woman by Giambologna

This world-famous statue of Accademia Gallery is made by the Flemish architecture Giambologna. The original statue is located at the balcony of Loggia dei Lanzi in Piazza Della Signoria. The plaster cast model is displayed at the hall of Colossus in Accademia Galleria. Restored in 2013, The statue of “Rape of Sabine Woman” depicts the three figures which are connected by serpentine-shaped movement. There is an old man trapped by a young man who lifts a woman in the air. This four-meter tall statue carved by a single piece of marble. This statue invites visitors to see the different points of statues from every corner and admire details.

The tree of Life by Pacino di Buonaguida

This interesting painting is made up of tempera and gold by Pacino di Buonaguida in the 14th century. The painting depicts the subjects of Genesis of creation and fall. The tree of life represents the cross of Jesus. There is the Jesus Christ at the center of the painting and devil at the root of the tree. The tree has six branches on both sides symbolizes the twelve apostles of Jesus.

For full explanation and details of this rich painting, it is recommended to visit Accademia Gallery.

Coronation of the Virgin by Jacopo di Cione

This majestic painting was earlier placed at the headquarters of the Mint and then Uffizi Gallery. Realized by Jacopo di Cione, this golden panel is now the pride of the Accademia Gallery. As the name suggests, the painting depicts the Coronation of the Virgin. Symbol of the devotion of faith in God, the city of Florence and the noble families of that time. This dazzling and fascinating masterpiece depicts the unknown facts about the history of Florence. 

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So, are you ready to visit Accademia Gallery, explore new things and immerse yourself in the history of Florence and Italy.  Let us know your views in the comment section.

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